Man, Palm just can't catch a break with these keynotes, can they?  Last year, we caught Microsoft accidentally showing a sneak preview of the Palm Treo 800w on the video screen.  This year, we have another Palm Treo, running Windows Mobile, popping up, that we're fairly confident is technically an unreleased and announced device.

See, during the keynote Microsoft very briefly touted Internet Explorer 6's flash support.  That's all well and good, but we also know that IE6 Mobile isn't going to be made available on current devices -- instead it requires a whole new ROM and a decent amount of power on whatever device it lands on.

We already have seen screenshots of Internet Mobile 6 leaked here on WMExperts and also seen speed tests from an unreleased Sprint Treo indicating the browser was Internet Explorer 6.  So sure, it's entirely possible that we are looking at a GSM Treo Pro running Internet Mobile 6 with a customized ROM.   But why go through all the trouble of creating a custom ROM when there's a perfect explanation of what we have here?  The explanation, folks, is that the photo you are looking at above almost surely is a Sprint Treo Pro.  Maybe next year Palm should ask to sit in on the dress rehersal for the Microsoft keynote, eh?