Xbox One

Microsoft will launch official support for the Xbox One console on Reddit beginning on Monday, March 2. Microsoft employees will answer support questions in a manner similar to how they respond on their Xbox Support Twitter account.

In a post on Reddit earlier this week, the Xbox Support rep stated:

"Hey everyone, glad to be able to branch out and offer support for our awesome community in more and more places. Our team is small but we'll be doing our best to respond to [Tech] threads and provide support here on reddit.

"Just some business stuff: Hours of Operation - We'll be posting replies between the hours of 9-5 PST every Monday - Friday. We will try our best to answer every thread and catch up on weekend threads when we kick off on Mondays."

This shows that Microsoft is aware that the Xbox One community has expanded to more outlets and hopefully means we can expect better support for the console in the future.

Source: Xbox One on Reddit