bing elections

Microsoft has been expanding the use of its Bing search database to provide predictions for things like World Cup matches, NFL games and even reality shows. Now Bing has launched a new service that will not only give US residents tons of information about the upcoming mid-term election on November 4 but will try to predict the results of those races as well.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated:

"By searching for elections related topics or visiting you will see an interactive map of the United States that allows you view which party is predicted to win across Senate, House and gubernatorial races. Hover over a state or zoom into a district and we will show you head to head candidate match-ups and their respective odds of winning. You can sort by incumbents, Bing Predicts and on election day we will provide a view of real-time exit polls."

In addition, Microsoft has a "My Ballot" option in Bing Elections that will offer the user everything they have to vote for on their local ballot based on their location. Will you use Bing Elections to help you decide what to vote for on November 4?

Source: Bing blog