Microsoft India News Center

Microsoft has just launched the Microsoft India News Center - a portal for all Microsoft India news and happenings. A lot of Windows Phone Central readers comment on our increasing focus on the Windows ecosystem in India (yes, I’m guilty as charged), and this initiative from Microsoft underlines the scope and need for the same.

The revamped press outlet aims to showcase Microsoft products, people, culture, and impact in India, in an engaging way.

The portal is a unified destination for the latest stories, campaigns, and opinion pieces from across Microsoft’s businesses in India. It features not just press releases and authored stories but includes a mix multimedia tools including images, videos, and social media feeds.

The Microsoft India News Center features comprehensive sections like:

  • App of the Week: The section highlights the best of Windows apps. In coming days, there would be another section for ‘Device of the Month’.
  • Twitter Stream: This section features the live Twitter feed of @MicrosoftIndia.
  • Microsoft in the News: This section lists a selection of recent news articles featuring Microsoft across the Web.
  • Video Gallery: The video gallery includes the latest b-rolls, commercials, executive keynote addresses, feature stories, product demos, executive interviews, and statements.

The Microsoft India News Center is not just a good resource for technology journalists and bloggers as well as industry analysts but also for technology enthusiasts and consumers. Check out the India News Center at