Windows 10 Satya Nadella

Microsoft has announced in a newly-published blog post the company has teamed up with governments in China to bring Windows 10 to the public sector. The joint venture will ensure the operating system is licensed, deployed and optimized for China's agencies and state-owned enterprises. The partnership is called C&M Information Technologies and will be based in Beijing.

Interestingly, Microsoft will collect feedback from said agencies in China to better tailor Windows 10 and attached services. Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi noted in the announcement:

"We're pleased that work on the new joint venture is already underway. Microsoft and CETC have been working on a custom image of Windows 10 for government customers since we announced our initial agreement in September, based on the tools that we make available to organizations around the world. If this Windows 10 image is approved for use within the government, it will become available for government purchase and the joint organization will begin its role selling and supporting the government in its use of Windows 10."

The move to work alongside government in China is yet another move Microsoft has made to break into China. Other partnerships with the likes of Lenovo, Tincent and Baidu continue to pave way for Microsoft to better offer its available services and products to consumers and enterprises in the market.

Source: Microsoft