Microsoft launches Overdog to Xbox One preview members for interest-based matchmaking

It appears that, starting tonight, Xbox One gamers in the preview program can access a new app called Overdog that enables them to connect with other players based on common interests.

Overdog is a new service that allows gamers to fill out a profile based on their interests in everything from TV shows and sports, to movies and games. Users are then matched with other gamers with shared interests. The result is a bit like a matchmaking service for gamers. Instead of gaming with strangers based simply on your favorite games, Overdog wants to help people game with people who feel like friends.

While we haven't yet seen a formal announcement of the service's launch from Microsoft, a number of Windows Central readers have alerted us to a message being sent out to preview members informing them that they can now try Overdog for themselves.

Is this a service you'd be interested in giving a shot? Let us know in the comments below what you think, especially if you've had a chance to try the service out. In the meantime, you can find more about Overdog from the link below.

Update: It looks like Overdog has made it official on Twitter, stating:

"We are officially live in the Xbox One Preview program! If you're in Preview you should have a code to download it in your Xbox messages."

Thanks to all of you who sent in tips!

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