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It was last Thursday that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent a companywide memo. In a letter to employees, Satya Nadella laid out the plans for the company including organizational changes. Many took that to be the code words for upcoming layoffs. He avoided questions the next day about any pending layoffs, but a few days later Bloomberg reported that Microsoft was set to lay off a large amount of staff as part of organizational changes. New info out today suggests those cuts are coming tomorrow morning and will primarily impact those from the Nokia acquisition.

The New York Times is reporting that Microsoft is planning to announce layoffs tomorrow morning. This round of layoffs is now expected to be the largest in company history. Even larger than when in 2009 over 5,800 employees were let go shortly after the housing crisis.

Human resource managers at Microsoft have also begun to reserve conference rooms across headquarters to meet with laid-off employees.

The biggest cuts are most likely to come from employees added to Microsoft through their acquisition of Nokia's mobile unit. Nearly 25,000 people joined Microsoft because of that deal. Cuts, however, won't be limited to Nokia groups and might impact middle management as well.

Source: New York Times