Lumia 640

Microsoft clearly wants to bring across as many Windows Phones to Windows 10 Mobile as possible, but it'll be a rollout that takes some time to complete. It has been discovered that the company has omitted numerous handsets from a "Windows 10 Ready" list on both the UK and US stores, but does this mean only a select few will receive Windows 10 Mobile?

One would naturally assume any device not listed on the Microsoft Store in this category will not be eligible for the upgrade – and for consumers who are looking for a new phone to purchase, it could be rather confusing to find out conflicting information online. But it wouldn't make much sense for this list to be representative of Microsoft's update plans, especially when you consider the Lumia 635 is on the list, but the non-4G Lumia 630 is not.

If we were to guess, we'd assume these handsets are simply the featured phones Microsoft plans to push in the run up to Windows 10 Mobile. At this time it's not clear what Microsoft's plans are regarding handset upgrades, so we'll have to sit tight and wait for the company to confirm details.

Source: Microsoft UK, Microsoft US via: WMPU

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