File this one under obvious, but as Microsoft continues to rebrand previous Nokia app releases for their Lumia line, the Nokia Camera app is most likely up next. Nokia Camera is perhaps the most high profile app for Nokia as it encompasses all of their photography might on Windows Phone, offering unique manual controls to mobile shutterbugs.

The apparent replacement name for Nokia Camera is of course Lumia Camera, a trend we saw kick off with the Lumia Help + Tips app. Evidence for the change is found under the app settings in the latest Nokia Camera release from this morning. Below the default settings, reference to 'Lumia Camera' instead of Nokia Camera, is found, giving substantial credence to the expected change.

Microsoft has to walk a fine line when renaming apps in the Store from Nokia to Lumia so as to not confuse customers. Too many name changes could work against them, even though there are still numerous apps left including Nokia Cinemagraph, Glam Me, Video Upload, Panorama, Storyteller, CreativeStudio, Refocus and Play to, all of which still have the Nokia name in their title. Recently, Microsoft dropped Nokia from their MixRadio app and did not add Lumia to the listing since the app is not limited only to those phones.

The big change though comes if and when Microsoft renames the whole assortment from Nokia Collection to Lumia Collection in the Store. Reportedly Microsoft has an 18-month schedule for phasing out Nokia from the product lineup although there are rumors of keeping the Nokia name around in a limited capacity.

There is no word on when Nokia Camera becomes Lumia Camera, though we cannot imagine it is too far away.

Thanks, xcrazyxfishx for the tip