Microsoft announced this week that the mobile version of Live Search has been updated to include the ability to detect the location of the mobile user even if their handset is not GPS-enabled. The update also includes predictive search query input and more detailed views of maps. Also included in the update is the "bird's-eye-view" that's popular on Microsoft's It's not quite the same as Google Maps' Street View, but it does do a better job of spying on your neighbors.

Also of note is that latest version still works with Windows Mobile 5.

According to Jeremy Beasley, Live Search Mobile product manager, "if you're not running the latest version of Windows Mobile, don't worry. We've built in support for Windows Mobile 5 phones to make sure that you can use these new features as well."

To download the latest version (4.012158.1) of Windows Live Search mobile, just point your browser to or go here on your desktop for more options.