We've already covered rumours of Microsoft looking to add 1080p support for Windows Phone later this year with the GDR3 update (this is all before the anticipated "Blue" update), but now the company may well be addressing the larger real estate issue that will occur with Live Tiles. Should you own a Samsung ATIV S, the three columns of tiles can appear to be rather limited at times, but Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet has learnt that the Windows Phone team is looking at a solution - to add more tiles. 

Think about an extra column for more customisations. Now, by columns we're talking about medium sized Live Tiles, which can be two in each row. With a third column, consumers would be able to have three on one row, or six small tiles (or even one large and medium tile, etc). It would make sense for Microsoft to include this alteration to the home screen in the same update that would add 1080p support. If the company is looking for manufacturers to produce "phablets" running its mobile operating system, it'll need to fiddle around with the restricted interface.

What's unsure is whether or not this update would also affect hardware with WXGA and 720p displays. Foley also lightly touched on core app updates that may also be bundled with the GDR3 release. It's looking more likely that this will open up room for five and six inch hardware to battle against Android devices that sport larger displays. It's believed Windows RT doesn't efficiently scale below eight inches, which would leave partnered OEMs to fill the gap between tablets and the current generation of Windows Phones.

Foley finally notes that we'll not be seeing tablets with phone cabalities or vice versa any time soon.

Source: ZDNet, via: Windows Phone Daily; thanks, Pete, for the tip!