Lumia 535

File this one under odd, but it looks like Microsoft is set to bring a regional variant of the Lumia 530 to Brazil in the coming weeks. Website Janela Tech has combed through some documents from ANATEL, the Brazilian regulatory agency akin to the FCC and found references to a 'Lumia 532' phone likely due in the near future.

Not much is known about they mystery device, although the model name RM-1032 is used in the documents. The phone appears to be 3G only, dual-SIM and due to the 5xx series we can bet it is nothing to excited over, likely being just a regional variant.

If a '532' seems odd, remember that a few years ago there was a Nokia Lumia 505 seen in Mexico, and T-Mobile, of course, has the Lumia 521 as well.

No images of the phone were released due to a confidentiality clause requested by Microsoft that expires on January 30, 2015. That date also hints we may hear more about this device before the end of the month. We'll just have to wait and see.

The news of the Lumia 532 follows on the heels of a similar finding for a Lumia 435 a few days ago.

Souce: ANATEL; via Janela Tech; Thanks, Carla S., and Rodolpho F., for the tips!