Windows Store

Good news for developers on Windows 8. A few days Microsoft announced some changes to the Windows Store that give you more control. They’ve managed to simplify the app certification requirements and improved how you manage when your app is available. Details below.

One change that’s probably welcomed is the ability to set the release date and time for your app. Before today, anytime you submitted an app it would go live in the Windows Store once it passed certification. You also had the option to set a future date to publish the app. A solution that worked, but why not give devs more control. That’s exactly what Microsoft did with the changes.

Not only can you choose the date to publish your app, but you can also set an hour and time zone for when the app goes live. You can also do this while the app is in certification, rather than have the app go through certification again to change the date. This is a great tool for devs so they can launch a Windows app exactly when they want to.

The other change for developers involves how you manage the app’s availability. You can now remove an app listing from the Windows Store at any time. You can then restore the app’s listing at a later time. Why do this? Maybe if you find a bug and want to pull the app quickly to fix it. Developers can also opt to have an app only show up on Windows 8.1 and not for Windows 8.

The final change for developers makes the certification requirements simpler. Version 5.0 of the requirements is now live on MSDN. Notable changes? There’s more flexibility for where ads can be displayed and requirements for basic performance on a low-power computer have been dropped. Head to MSDN to read the full changelog.

Source: Windows App Builder Blog Via: GeekWire