Xbox Video

Xbox Video on Windows 8.1 is receiving a major update today, and it is worth looking at in detail. Version 2.6.158 is now live in the Windows Store and with it comes an entirely new UI that is much improved from the prior barren version.

Let us peek at a few screenshots.

Xbox Video 2.6.158 for Windows 8.1

  • This update includes a redesign of the entire app, making it easier to find and play the content you want
  • All of your owned content and personal videos are still available in your Collection
  • Minor fixes and improvements

If the new redesign for Xbox Video looks oddly familiar, that is because it borrows the same layout as Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 from back in August 2013. Design parity looks to be finally on the table for the Xbox Video and Music teams, which is long overdue.

The UI puts the user's collection, video store, and TV store all to the left hand side with a convenient search bar. To the right is the main viewing area for each of those sections, which drill down further for more details on the film, video, or TV show, including pricing, HD / SD options, and casting. Tapping the hamburger button on the left hand side shrinks down the menu system to give a larger full-screen experience, ideal for touch devices.

Overall, the new Xbox Video layout brings familiarity and a much richer, cleaner design that is easier to use. Head to the Store or grab our link below to see for yourself. Let us know in comments what you think of the new design!

Thanks, Benjamin C., for the tip!

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