Microsoft may have inadvertently leaked its plans to acquire Acompli, an mobile email app that has been available for Android and iOS users that was first launched in April of 2014.

A post on the official Microsoft blog site was spotted by BetaNews Wednesday with a URL that ended with "microsoft-acquires-acompli." However, the actual blog post itself was blank, which could suggest that Microsoft was about to announce the deal but decided to hold off on the reveal at the last minute. A spokesperson for Microsoft would not comment on the report, and there has been no word at all from Acompli.

The email app itself has gotten solid reviews since its release; some reviewers have even said that it's the mobile email app that Microsoft should have made for its Outlook family. If Microsoft does purchase Acompli, it's likely that the Acompli team would be working with the Office division. We'll have to wait and see whether the deal comes together, or if it was ever truly in the making.

Would you like to see the features in Acompli in a future mobile Outlook app?

Source: Microsoft; Via BetaNews

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