Microsoft may close Nokia Care Points to save money

In another cost savings effort, Microsoft may be closing its Nokia Care Points in Poland and other European countries. This rumor comes right on the heels of 7,800 job cuts from Microsoft, and a major write off from the Nokia acquisition. Nokia Care Points are authorized walk-in repair locations, that are able to do cosmetic and component level repairs on malfunctioning Nokia phones.

According to, Microsoft has terminated the authorization for these repair points, a change which takes effect in three months. was told by an employee at a repair facility:

Microsoft, as you know probably build / expanding in Europe one large service center and, unfortunately, end times for small idyll authorized services. From the end of June came to us with MS termination of the authorization to Nokia / Microsoft, termination 3-month course. Not that we were the weakest collapsed or something, just MS is changing its policy and authorization have only until the end of September (the end of August we function). Many service partners got any, termination, Poland was only 8 sites with the most convenient location and as they say in the environment - they also will be closed until the end of such two-step dimming service network.

This could be another cost saving move from Microsoft, as it is also rumored that the company is only planning to make up to six smartphones per year going forward.