It looks like Microsoft is about to hit the gas pedal on Windows 10 preview releases. Yesterday, plans about updates were discussed in detail on the Windows blog, but it now looks like Microsoft is considering adjusting the speed/risk balance of the Fast ring, with increased updates.

Loading up the Insider Hub for Windows 10, a message notes that "Flights are getting faster" and that if you are not ready for "daily builds" of Windows 10, you may want to head to the Slow ring level instead. This change does affect Windows Phone and desktop OS builds for the Windows 10 preview.

However, the information was reportedly posted in error and premature.

Not so fast...

Microsoft's Gabriel Aul responded on Twitter about the news in the Insider Hub:

"Sorry for confusion. This is an internal announcement that was mismarked and went external."

Microsoft has come under increasing pressure to release updates faster as those in the preview want earlier and earlier access. Over the last day or so, Aul discussed these options on Twitter with preview users, including the idea of creating a 'ludicrous speed' ring. But instead of creating a third, faster category, Microsoft may be increasing the release cadence for Fast, while leaving Slow ring to the more stable channel.

There is no word on when the next update for Windows 10 preview will go out, although there have been some murmurs for the end of this week.

Whether or not Microsoft offers daily updates to the preview for Windows 10 remains to be seen, but it appears they are at least entertaining the idea.

Thanks, Joseph A., for the tip!