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Even older games are getting rebranded

Microsoft sure has been doing a lot of rebranding lately—from Outlook.com to Microsoft Store to getting rid of “LIVE”, the purge has been subtle but in our view, effective.

That trend is now continuing, especially with “LIVE” as the Windows Phone team is excising that phrase from current Xbox LIVE Games for Windows Phone. The trend started weeks a go with Shoot1UP and since then, three more titles have the new look and name: Xbox – Windows Phone.

New refresh

New wording and green top-bar for Xbox for Windows Phone

It has now been observed that older titles are getting the refresh too, slowly bringing them up to date on the new look. So far it seems kind of random, but BulletAsylum and Super Monkey Ball 2 have both had their cover work (at least for the Store) re-worked.

From this we can assume that Microsoft will go back and update other titles too. While such a decision has no impact on the game, branding is everything and if you do it poorly it can have huge ramifications.

Personally speaking, we’re going to miss the whole “Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone” thing, even if it was a bit wordy. We’re not even sure how this one is called as it’s missing locative case (holla’ for my linguist nerds out there). So we’ll just go with ‘Xbox for Windows Phone’ for now.

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Thanks, AgeT, for the tip