If you're one of the unlucky Outlook.com users who has yet to be migrated to the new web experience, your wait may be almost over. In a new statement to ZDNet, Microsoft says that it has now migrated 99.9% of all active customers, with the rest in the final stages of completion.

Microsoft nearly finished migrating Outlook.com users to new experience

Speaking to ZDNet, Microsoft says:

"The Outlook.com migration is nearly complete. Microsoft has migrated over 99.9% of active customers and are in the final stages of migrating the remaining customers."

Microsoft first began migrating its 400 million Outlook users to the new web experience in May of 2015 with an initial anticipated completion date of August 2016. Once the deadline arrived, however, Microsoft stated it had only migrated 90% of active users thus far. Naturally, the 10% of users who hadn't yet been migrated were fairly vocal in their frustration, but it looks as if nearly everyone should be migrated fairly soon.

Curiously, there's no firm end-date from Microsoft on the migration process, but, as ZDNet points out, the rollout schedule for another feature may provide a clue. Specifically, Microsoft recently updated its rollout timetable for Outlook's Focused Inbox feature, noting that it "will be available to all users by April 2017."

The new Outlook web experience is built meant to make it easier for Microsoft to add new features to Outlook apps and on the web more quickly. You can easily tell if you're moved to the new Outlook.com by seeing if it says "Outlook Mail" at the top of your inbox. If you have yet to be migrated, you'll see Outlook.com instead.

Have you been migrated over to the new Outlook.com yet, or are you still one of the 0.1% waiting in the wings?