Microsoft Prediction Lab

Earlier this year, Microsoft enabled a precut feature in Cortana that allowed the voice assistant to predict the outcomes of upcoming matches at this year's World Cup. The software maker is now taking the utility to other areas by launching a service called Prediction Lab.

The Prediction Lab is a website that allows you to make predictions about a wide variety of issues, which range from the US congressional elections to issues centering around foreign affairs and more. The project is helmed by Microsoft Research, where a researcher used the data-driven model to correctly predict the outcome of the Scottish independence vote.

Instead of just asking users to vote on who they think will win in an election, Microsoft is making the experience more interactive by bringing in an element of gaming. You're allotted a certain number of points at the start, which you can assign to each prediction. Should your prediction turn out to be the right answer, you'll be awarded points based on the how probable that outcome was how others voted. You can also create teams and invite your friends to make predictions along with you.

Interested? Head on over to the Prediction Lab from the link below and start offering up your predictions.

Source: Microsoft Prediction Lab

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