Microsoft has today announced that Bing is now accepting requests from the general public in Europe to remove search links under a "right-to-be-forgotten" ruling. The company is urging consumers to get started with filling in an online form to ensure links they wish to have removed are no longer displayed in search results. This move follows Google who is also accepting such requests.

The form covers name and country of residence of the person and the details of the pages to be blocked, as well as other details, including as to whether or not they're in a role that involves trust, leadership or safety. While the company doesn't guarantee the links will be removed, it's at least a step forward in the right direction for those who wish to have certain ties removed from public viewing.

The information provided will help the company evaluate the balance between the applicant's individual privacy interest and the public interest in protecting free expression and the free availability of information, in line with European law. However, should a refusal for links to be taken down be shared, it can be appealed in court. It's noted that the form and removal process could be altered in future with the potential for more questions to be implemented.

Source: PC World