The status of phones running the Preview for Developers and receiving the Lumia Cyan update appears to be drastically improving. Over the last twenty-four hours, Windows Phone Central has been flooded with tips from Preview users who are now excitedly getting the new firmware after weeks of waiting.

From Australia to Ireland to Romania, there are evidently Lumia 1020s, Lumia 920s and Lumia 625s all getting the update.

Last Thursday, Microsoft's Greg Sullivan noted that they have added "100 more Windows Phone device/operator combos". It now looks like starting yesterday at 1PM ET Microsoft has increased that number by another 100 or more based on our email tip count alone.

The spread of which carriers, countries, and phones are too far for us to delineate so you will have to check for updates yourself. Simply head into your phone's Settings > Phone Update and check for updates manually (conversely, you can just wait and you will be notified).

According to a recent WPCentral poll with ten-thousand votes, 60% of Lumia Windows Phone users had received the Lumia Cyan update. This number was before the last two update waves, meaning that number should be higher by now. The original block for those enrolled with the Preview for Developer program stems from a BitLocker issue identified early in the Lumia Cyan push.

Unquestionably, for those in the US, there is still no solace as Verizon and T-Mobile are still holding back their Lumia Cyan updates. Inquiries to both companies have gone unanswered about the status of update testing.

Have you received the Lumia Cyan update for your Preview for Developer phone in the last 24-hours? Let us know below which carrier, region, and phone!