Keep the Cash

Windows Phone has slowly been picking up apps, whether brand new to the platform or older apps get big updates. It’s a nice sign that the platform is picking up steam, but apparently not fast enough for Microsoft. The Redmond company has a new cash incentive to get developers cranking out apps for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

The campaign is called ‘Keep the Cash’ and allows developers to earn $100 per app submitted between now and June 30th. There is a limit of ten apps per platform, so you could potentially walk away with $2000 if you produce ten apps for Windows Phone and ten more for Windows 8. Unfortunately for our international readers, the promotion is only open to U.S. residents. You can get the full rules right here.

While we like the idea that devs get a little incentive to produce some more apps, we’re concerned that Microsoft is giving the impression they’re more concerned with app numbers vs. quality apps. Personally, I’d prefer fewer apps overall if that resulted in better apps.

Either way, the promotion is out there, go take advantage if you’re a developer.

Source: MSDN, Via: The Verge