Project Spark

Microsoft's Project Spark game creation tools for the Xbox One and Windows 8.1 were officially released nearly a year ago. Now the company wants to help super-charge the Project Spark creator community by offering a Year One Edition that contains nearly all of its previously released game content packs for one price of $49.99.

The only content packs that are not included in the Project Spark: Year One Edition are the Conker packs, due to their different "M" rating. It also offers owners a way to get two upcoming content packs, Biome Music and Battle Stations, along with 3 free months of Spark Premium and 20 additional Upload Slots.

Project Spark creators who have spent at least $40 in game content packs, or who have logged over 150 hours in the tools, or received over 10,000 download of their game creations, will get 3 free months of Spark Premium and 10 additional Upload Slots. Finally, anyone who is using Project Spark completely for free will be able to access five additional content packs at no cost. Microsoft says the Windows 8.1 version of Project Spark also works in Windows 10 as well.

Source: Project Spark