Microsoft UK's CEO Michel Van der Bel has issued an official statement on the whether or not the country should remain in the European Union. In his words, " .. our view is that the UK should remain in the EU.


Van der Bel's statement comes just over a month before UK voters decide on if the country stays or leaves the EU. He says that Microsoft currently has 5,000 people employed in the UK, working in a number of technology fields. Microsoft believes that that the country should remain in the EU to help support "important criteria for continued and future investment by Microsoft and others." Van der Bel added:

Historically, the UK being part of the EU has been one of several important criteria that make it one of the most attractive places in Europe for the range of investments we have made. At key moments in our international growth we have specifically chosen to invest in our capabilities here in the UK. Most recently, we announced that we would start offering cloud services this year from new UK-based data centres. And as we've grown, so too have the UK technology businesses we work with.

For us, the UK's membership of a wider EU was also a key reason why we chose to invest in our first overseas R&D laboratory in Cambridge. Why? Because we knew that the world-leading scientists we wanted to attract would want and need to work directly alongside other great researchers from across the region. This flexibility of doing business attracts the best people, and the investment that follows them, to the UK.

UK residents go to the polls to vote on the EU referendum on June 23.

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