Microsoft clearly thinks of Fallout 4 as a major third-party game release for the Xbox One, and that's shown in a new and lengthy video that the company just posted. It features an interview between Xbox Live programming head Larry Hryb and Bethesda Softworks's Pete Hines as they talk about the upcoming post-apocalytic RPG that officially goes on sale Tuesday, November 10.

The nearly 15-minute video has Hryb talking to Hines about various features in Fallout 4, including the improvements to the VATS system, and the fact that Xbox One owners will be able to play user-created mods for the PC version of the game via an update that's due in 2016. The video also shows off a lot of cool looking Fallout 4 merchendice. Hines even offers up a few tips in creating a character and using items (hint: Hines loves the in-game version of duct tape)

Will you be getting Fallout 4 on Tuesday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Source: Fallout 4 (YouTube)

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