If you are like us and part of the Windows Insider program, which lets users adopt and try out Windows 10 before its public release, you may have received an email detailing some changes.

The email itself does not reveal too much as it simply says that the "Windows Insider Program Terms of Use are changing" and to check back after January 21 for the modifications.

In and of itself that is not a big deal, but as many of you know next Wednesday, January 21, Microsoft is set to unveil "the next chapter" for Windows 10. That event will be live-streamed, and Windows Central will be in Redmond covering it live all day.

Although Microsoft has not detailed what exactly will be revealed, it should seem obvious that the "consumer" version of the Technical Preview will be announced and released. Previously, Windows 10 had mostly focused on the core, but Microsoft had not discussed the front-facing "newness" coming to Windows 10 later this year.

Another aspect of the OS Microsoft is expected to talk about relates to mobile, including tablets and phones. Indeed, a Phone Insider app was recently released, and all indications point to Microsoft revealing more about that program next Wednesday as well.

Putting the pieces together, and it seems likely that the Windows Insider program is about to revamped to go larger and to more devices. Stay tuned, as it should be an exciting week ahead!

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!