Lumia Denim for Lumia Windows Phone

Microsoft has promised that the Lumia Denim update would kick off before the end of the year. This morning, updates reportedly have started in China and our bet is more carriers and phones will begin getting this new firmware and OS update soon.

Earlier this week, Microsoft updated their Software Update page with a new video discussing the Lumia Denim update. Now, that same video has been published to YouTube, signaling a small but growing planned release.

The 'How to update to Lumia Denim' video begins by highlighting some Lumia Denim features, like an improved Glance Screen, bug fixes and 4K video recording (for select Lumias). Additionally, the video gives a tutorial on making room for an update by uninstalling unwanted apps and uploading videos to OneDrive. Other tips included how to get an update and force checking to see if an update is already live.

For our audience, the video does not reveal much more than what you likely already know. However, for those who do not hang on every word we write, it is a great video to show people what to expect during the update process.

Lumia Denim is expected to bring the new Lumia Camera update with Rich Capture, 4K video recording, 'Hey Cortana' with passive voice, and more.

The Lumia 1520 and Lumia 930 are likely to be some of the first phones to grab Lumia Denim, with older devices carrying over into early 2015. Windows Central will, of course, keep you posted as those updates become live. Stay tuned!

Thanks, Silviu B., and others for the tips!

Source: Microsoft, YouTube

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