Microsoft's Build 2015 conference in San Francisco is ending later today, but the company is still promoting the event with two new videos. One focuses on developers who are making cool Windows 10 applications, while the other is a quick overview of the announcements the company made during its major keynote address on Wednesday.

The first video is a casual look at what a variety of developers are doing with Windows. They include one who is using the OS for a project to help others learn to code and build robots with a Windows Phone device inside. Another made a game that links to the NeuroSky biosensor headset so players can literally move objects in the game with their mind.

Yet another developer created an app called Motive that helps him keep track of his own personal goals, while a pain research lab used Windows to create virtual reality games that help to lower the amount of pain in patients. Finally, there's a developer who says he has made over 700 Windows apps. He even has a tattoo on his arm with some of his Windows code.

The second video is a very quick run-through of the nearly three hour Build 2015 keynote on Wednesday, just in case you don't want to go through the entire replay. You can check out all of the big announcements from the event, like the reveal of the Microsoft Edge web browser name, Continuum for Windows 10 for phones, and allowing Android and iOS app makers to reuse most of their code so they can port their apps to Windows 10.

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