Surface Pro 2

Did you buy a Surface Pro 2 or plan to buy one? If you’re planning on buying one you might want to wait a bit until current retail stock is replenished with the Surface Pro 2.5. That’s right, Microsoft has silently refreshed the CPU inside the Surface Pro 2 that launched two months ago with an ever so slightly improved one.

When the Surface Pro 2 went on sale in October its processor was the Intel Core i5-4200U. That processor had a clock speed of 1.6 GHz. Newer Surface Pro 2’s are now shipping with the Intel Core i5-4300U, which is basically the same processor except it has a slightly higher clock speed at 1.9 GHz. The newer 4300U processor also contains Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology, which is hardware-based technology for enhanced security.

The findings come from the Microsoft support forums where a user noticed the bump after trading in his original Surface Pro 2 for a newer one after issues caused by a firmware update. A Microsoft spokesperson told The Verge that the company does make routinely small changes to internal components over the product’s lifetime. Why the change? That’s unclear at this stage and Microsoft isn’t telling.  

You shouldn’t feel slighted if you already have a Surface Pro 2. Any performance boosts won’t be noticeable in real world use and you’ll only see differences if you’re running benchmark tests. Users in the Microsoft forums are reported similar battery life between the two processors so far.

Source: Microsoft Answers

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