While we don’t suspect many of you are users of the former cloud-service from Apple called MobileMe, which was cancelled last year and merged into iCloud, we suppose it couldn’t hurt to mention this offer.

Last year, Apple abandoned MobileMe, which had trouble from day one. Those users though did have 20GB of free online storage while Apple’s new iCloud only offered 5GB. Apple did however make up the 15GB difference for one year to those switching over, but alas, that one year ended within the last few days (though some have extensions until September 30th). As a result, Apple sent out “downgrade” notices to people notifying them that they are losing that 15GB. Users can either accept that or pay to keep the extra 15GB.

Now, the SkyDrive team is trying to take advantage of the situation by offering an extra 15GB of free storage on top of the already free 7GB. Granted, it too is limited to one year and those SkyDrive users will be given the same offer: pay or get downgraded at that time. But it’s an interesting attempt by the SkyDrive team to lure new people over to at least try the service—who knows, they may like it and stay?

To qualify, all a prospect needs to do is send the downgrade email from Apple to the SkyDrive team at HelpMeSkyDrive@outlook.com. Will anyone switch? Maybe. But it’s good to see the SkyDrive team trying.

Source: Twitter; via Revryl