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You'll soon be purchasing apps from the Store


In the recent announcement of Microsoft launching the new Developer Center for the Windows Phone community, the company has also revealed a potential rebranding of the Windows Phone Marketplace. This is an expected move, which we'll rate as a strong possibility. The Windows 8 Store is present in the next version of Microsoft's desktop operating system, so to remain consistent it makes sense to bring in a new name.

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Windows 8, which will be powering not only desktop and laptops but tablets as well, will sport Microsoft's first real attempt at implementing an app store on its platform to rival the likes of Apple with its App Store. As well as that, we've got the Xbox Music Store replacing the Zune music service. "Store" appears to be chosen to brand Microsoft's online stores providing content to consumers through its products.

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So what's happening with the mobile platform? Say hello to the Windows Phone Store. This will look to be the new home for all Windows Phone apps once Apollo is launched later this year. Microsoft has yet to announce the change officially, but we can safely expect it to become reality.

What do you make of the Marketplace rebranding?