Although Microsoft is getting to launch its first Microsoft Store outside the US in Sydney, plans for other international stores are currently unknown. An earlier report by the site Microsoft-News mentioned that a new Microsoft Store was slated to open this Monday at the Eldorado Mall in São Paulo, Brazil.

However, this is not entirely the case. The Brazilian Windows Phone site Windows Phone Doctor has spoken with mall employees to get clarification about what is coming to that mall.

Previously, one of the many Nokia Stores was found in that shopping center and with Nokia out of the picture, something had to happen to the name and branding. As a result, the store is being rebranded, but only as a Microsoft indirect sales partner. In other words, it is halfway between full Microsoft Store and a private retailer who merely sells items direct to consumers.

The size of the store is only around ~10 meters, and it shares the same address as the Nokia Store. As such, it is a relatively small outlet.

Considering Microsoft has not even mentioned this store in the press (and it opens in 3 days), the above explanation is certainly more plausible.

Still, the news is rather good. The site Windows Phone Doctor hopes this will help kick off sales for the Surface, which evidently is still not available in the online store there. Also, it will give some much needed physical presence to Microsoft, something they desperately need in that expanding market.

Nonetheless, we are still some time away from a full-fledged Microsoft owned and operated Store from opening in that country.

Source: Windows Phone Doctor