Halo 5 Guardians

Halo 5: Guardians will have a ton of gamers playing online in both its campaign and multiplayer modes. Microsoft wants to let developers create websites and apps that will be centered around all those player statistics generated from the upcoming Xbox One first person shooter. To that end, the company and Halo 5 developer 343 Industries will offer those developers access to a public stats API for the game.

Microsoft says the Halo 5 player stats API will include the following information:

  • Service Record (Life-to-date stats for each player)
  • Match History (Access to each match played)
  • Carnage Report (Complete statistical breakdown for each player in a match)

It adds:

"Here on Halo Waypoint and Halo Channel, we'll support a fully-featured stats experience for Halo 5, but giving the community the ability to compile stats will allow developers to craft their own statistical story and experiences. The Halo API program is currently in private beta, and we're working with both professional and community organizations including ESL, MLG, Halo Charts, Halo Tracker, and more so that they can hit the ground running when Halo 5 launches later this month. Additionally, this allows us to ensure public access will be ready to launch around the same time frame that Halo 5 releases."

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Source: Microsoft

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