Xbox One

Microsoft has displayed strong support for its video game console with numerous updates since its release last year. The company is also looking to future updates and has released a new app for the Xbox One. This app enables consumers to join a preview program, enrolling their console for updates before sending them out across the platform. It's a positive move by Microsoft, especially with the sheer number of updates being pushed out.

Spotted by NeoGAF, the app enables consumers who have opted to be included in the program to provide feedback on new functionality, whether it's through a survey, rating system or even a poll. There's also a quest feature, which currently gamifies the test-driving of tweaks to Xbox One live TV and achievement snapping. Statistics are collected and everything is used to improve the experience in future updates, but it's possible to opt-out at any point.

Some Xbox One owners have reported receiving messages to enroll in the program, while others have had to rely on friendly invitations. Let us know if you're rocking the preview app.

Source: NeoGAF, via: Engadget

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