Switch to Windows Phone

Microsoft has released its Switch to Windows Phone apps on both Android and Windows Phone. Available on Google Play and the Windows Phone Store, the apps work in unity to help make it easier for those on Google's platform to hop across. It's a welcomed addition and one we believed would be of use for those who would like to check how many of the apps they use are available on Windows Phone.

The Android version has been met with mixed reviews and the majority of consumers have down-rated the solution. We can't confirm as-of-yet if this is due to issues with the app and backend service, or if it's simply because it's a tool to help migrate consumers to Windows Phone. We've attempted to download the Switch to Windows Phone app on our Windows Phone devices here in the UK, but it's currently unavailable in the GB store. 

WP Switch Android WP Switch WP

You can download Switch to Windows Phone from Google Play and the Windows Phone Store (note that we're not able to confirm if it's rolling out in all supported markets - Windows Phone 8 only).

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