Xbox One promotion

Microsoft is running a new promotion through which select Xbox 360 users receive a $75 credit towards purchase of digital content when they upgrade to an Xbox One.

The promotion was first spotted by a user on NeoGAF, and from the look of things, the credit is non-transferrable and tied to a user's gamertag. The terms of the promotion states that a user has to purchase a new Xbox One console and activate it as a home console before July 31st. After receiving the $75 credit, users will have a year to use it.

Xbox One promotion

While the message states that the deal is valid only for U.S. customers, the NeoGAF thread lists several Canadian users who claim to have received the offer. We'll let you know once you have more details regarding the promotion.

Any of you guys seeing the $75 credit when you log into your Xbox 360?

Source: NeoGAF