We can file this one under “saw it coming from a mile away” but Computer and Video Games (CVG.com) has quoted an unnamed source who states Microsoft will be "consolidating all their communications technology" around the Skype platform. That includes the next generation Xbox, PCs, Tablets and in a way, even on our phones.

The move is of course far from shocking as Microsoft spent $8 billion to buy the famous VOIP company Skype for a reason. In fact, we’ve already started to see this happening with Microsoft collapsing MSN Messenger into Skype Chat, a process going on as we speak (except for China).  Another recent example would be using your Microsoft Account for Skype logins.

But now there are hints that Skype will be the default chat client for everything, presumably even game chat and regular voice communication on Xbox instead of just an add-on app to the service. That distinction is crucial as it means Microsoft is serious about putting Skype at the center of everything in the company, finally reducing all communication to one.

CVG points out that Microsoft was recently seeking a user interface designer for the "next gen Xbox", with the job being located in Skype’s UK office.  With Kinect 2 rumored for the Xbox 720 (or whatever it will be called) and some other crazy ideas that the company is working on, it will be interesting to see how deep Skype goes into Windows 8 and related products in the future.

Microsoft still has a lot of work cut out for them though with Skype as they try to clean it up and make it more “universal”. In fact, we’re still kind of shocked that there isn’t a Skype for Xbox 360, but we’re sure something will be said at E3 later this year.

Source: CVG