halo 4

A new report claims Microsoft is still working on a project to stream high end games made originally for the Xbox 360 to other platforms, about a year after it demoed such an effort during its big company employee meeting.

That demo showed Halo 4 being streamed and played on a Lumia 520 with Windows Phone 8, along with the same game on a low end PC. Now Neowin, citing unnamed sources, claims a team at Microsoft has the full Xbox 360 dashboard running in a web browser and streaming and playing games made for the console in that browser. The team is also working on bringing in Xbox One games with streaming support.


While Microsoft may be working on such a project, today's report does admit that there's no definitive word on when, or even if, it will be released to the general public. One challenge that could delay its launch is not due to technology but licensing, as this kind of service could cut into the revenues of Xbox game publishers.

What do you think about the prospect of playing high end Xbox games on your web browser?

Source: Neowin