Way back in September, Microsoft in conjunction with Nokia showed off a new Lens app called ‘Blink’. The app, a summer project by Microsoft Research, is a rapid fire camera program that will take numerous photos and then let you select which is best.

The app is kind of ingenious though because it won’t flood your Camera Roll with 20 shots of the same kid running in the backyard. Instead, you save the shot (or shots) you want to your Camera Roll and then later, you can re-open that “project” in Blink to grab a different pic, if you so choose.

The Lens should be particularly useful for those with fast moving pets or for you breeders out there with kids. Instead of trying to capture that “one” photo, you can instead act like a sport photographer at the Super Bowl, picking one of a dozen photos you snapped.

We should note that images are not saved at their full resolution but are instead scaled down to 1280x720. That’s not terrible and is probably a necessary tradeoff for the super-fast processing of many shots on the phone, still it’s something you should know.

You can watch the above demo video by Microsoft Research to get a better idea of how it all works, or just hop to the Store for Windows Phone 8 and pick it up here. Thanks, Hiiiii, for the tip

QR: Blink