Earlier today, the internets become enraged as Microsoft Research released a new app called Climatology. The app focuses on environmental averages and statistics around the globe culminated from MSR's FetchClimate project, and while interesting, it is not exactly the must-have app for 2014. However, what set people off was the release of the app on the Android OS and not Windows Phone. Immediately plans for a protest against Microsoft were fomenting with online petitions and Twitter campaigns.

The only problem? Microsoft released the app for Windows Phone too.

In the Store, version 1.0 of Climatology is now available to download. The app boasts that it can give "…you climate information for anywhere on Earth: temperature, rain and sunniness. Whether finding where are the warm, dry places to go on holiday in December or avoiding rain for your wedding, to finding out what the climate is like in Kazakhstan in April, Climatology allows you to discover the information you want."

Truth be told, the app itself gets a big shrug from us in terms of actual usefulness. Although interesting, the app UI is underwhelming as are the lack of settings e.g. Imperial instead of Metric. Nevertheless, the real story here is not the quality of the app but the message – or at least a perceived one. Microsoft, at least in this case, has not besmirched the Windows Phone name by prioritizing Android over its homebrew OS. Instead, they were merely a few hours behind. Maybe the real story is people should have patience before jumping to conclusions?

If you are interested in Climatology or a mediocre app, you can grab it now below.

Thanks, Robert C., for the tip

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