In an email sent out to users, Microsoft has announced it is retiring Cache, a Microsoft Garage project described as a "visual bookmarking tool." According to the email, all development on Cache has now stopped and it will be formally shut down on February 28.

Microsoft is retiring Cache, its 'visual bookmarking' Garage project

From the email:

Last year, we set off on a mission to build the simplest way for people to organize their digital stuff around the things important to them, and evolved the OneClip app to Cache. We launched through The Microsoft Garage to bring Cache to you and learn from your feedback.

Over the course of this year, we learned that there was an appetite for a service like Cache, but more importantly, your feedback taught us a lot about the extent of the challenges people have with managing and organizing their work.

Moving forward, we won't develop Cache as a stand-alone product anymore, and we will shut down the Cache service on the 28th of February, 2017.

As Microsoft notes, as a Garage project, Cache was, by definition, always an experiment. The service, which launched late last year, rose out of the ashes of an internal project called OneClip as a private beta. Cache's main attraction, as we noted at the time, appeared to be as a way to clip, curate, and organize everything from reading lists to school projects and, indeed, everything you copy to your clipboard.

Though Cache may be disappearing, the wording of the email implies that we could see aspects of Cache pop up in other products or services in the future.

Thanks to Arthur and Attila for the tips!