Two more Windows Phone apps from Microsoft that were originally developed by Nokia, JobLens and Internships Lens, are being shut down on June 1. Both apps used augmented reality features designed to help people find jobs and internships with their smartphone camera or their map app.

Nokia launched JobLens in June of 2013, and followed up with Internships Lens in September of that year. Both of them accessed Internet data bases to show users where nearby job and internship openings were available. They could be viewed from a map app or via a Lumia smartphone camera if you wanted to impress your friends with some augmented reality coolness.

However, it would appear that Microsoft, after buying Nokia's Devices and Services division in 2014, doesn't see this kind of smartphone app use moving forward in this direction. It's possible that the company could offer something similar to these apps in the future, perhaps using Microsoft HoloLens technology.

Thanks to Daniel for the tip!