Project Spartan

Microsoft has revealed more information about its plans to hold a "Project Spartan" Web Summit on May 5-6. The event, which centers on Microsoft's next-generation web browser, will be open to the public at Microsoft's Silicon Valley offices located in Mountain View, California.

The event is free to attend, and registration will begin on Tuesday, April 14 at 10 am PDT (1 pm EDT). The event will give developers a chance to learn a lot more about Project Spartan, which will be included with Windows 10. Microsoft says:

"This is a great chance to come meet the engineers building our rendering and JavaScript engines and managing our Web properties and developer tools like Modern.IE, RemoteIE, and IEDevChat. In our technical sessions, you'll get into the nuts and bolts of the latest interoperable Web technologies; learn how to make your site or Web app shine across browsers and platforms with tools like ECMAScript 6, WebAudio, WebGL, Cordova, SVG elements, and much more. We'll take you under the hood of Project Spartan and its new rendering engine, show you the latest updates to our roadmap, and host open Q&A panels with the Project Spartan leadership. You'll also have the opportunity to test-drive Project Spartan on our latest builds alongside engineers from the platform team, who can guide your testing, answer questions, and take your feedback on any problems you encounter."

Early versions of Project Spartan have already been released as part of the Windows 10 PC and phone previews. Microsoft says most of the sessions at the Project Spartan Web Summit will be streaming live on its Channel 9 site, with the rest to be recorded for viewing later.

Source: Microsoft