Microsoft is getting feisty again with their Bing service as they’re taking the fight to Google with quite a snarky holiday ad released on YouTube.

With its "A Visit from St. Nicholas" style narration, the ad takes on Google’s practice of listing shopping results not so much based on lowest price or other reasonable metrics but rather who paid the most. As it turns out, some of the top results in Google are there because a company paid to have them there, as opposed to being what is best for the shopper. Or so that is what Microsoft alleges.

In turn, Bing is shown as an alternative whereby online shoppers will get the very best deal with no small print having to be observed.

We have to admit it’s a clever little short. Although going through the cesspool of YouTube comments you can tell the Google (ergo Android) fans are out in full force with some actually defending Google’s practice.

You do have to give Microsoft a little credit here though with Bing. It’s a solid search engine and although Google “owns” search, Microsoft is not letting it go to them completely. According to ComScore, in the US Bing has managed to get 16% of the search market while Google still commands 66%. By comparison to last year, Bing has crept up slightly by 1.5% displacing Yahoo! as the #2 search engine. In other words, it a slow war of attrition with no signs of either side giving up.

But hey, the only way is up, right?