Xbox One TV

Microsoft has finally brought the Xbox OneGuide and digital TV tuner to Australia, which will soon enable consumers in the region to take advantage of not only the latest games, but also favorite TV shows on the Xbox One. The OneGuide is available as of today in preview form, meaning that only those in the Xbox One Preview program will be able to use the feature for the time being.

Once the feature is available to all consumers, it will be possible to enjoy FreeView and catch-up TV, snapping playback to the side of the screen so you can crack on with some racing or Bing searching. The Digital TV Tuner will arrive in March for AU$39.95, which will plug into the console via USB. It's available for pre-order if you're looking to pick one up.

The OneGuide is expected to make it out of the Preview stage as a full public release sometime in March, coinciding with the launch of the digital TV tuner.

Source: Microsoft Store Australia

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