Microsoft announced Windows Mixed Reality developer kits from Acer and HP earlier this month at Build, and the company is now introducing headsets from Dell, ASUS, and Lenovo. Microsoft's VP for Partner Devices and Solutions Peter Han showcased the new headsets during the company's Computex 2017 keynote.

Windows Mixed Reality

ASUS' "fast, powerful, and ultra-light" headset has a 3D polygonal front panel, and will come with a six degrees of freedom (DOF) tracked motion controller for an immersive MR experience. No mention of when the HMD will be available, but it looks like it won't be on sale this year.

ASUS mixed reality

Dell, meanwhile, is looking to deliver an "affordable consumer headset" that will make its debut by the holiday season. The headset is designed by the same teams that work on XPS and Alienware PCs, and features user-replaceable cushions along with a weight-balanced headband that lets you wear the headband for extended periods of time. The HMD also has a flip-up visor and cable routing.

Dell mixed reality

Finally, Lenovo's Windows Mixed Reality offering will be an "incredibly affordable" HMD that features "built-in sensors to enable inside-out tracking and simplified set-up." The headset will be available sometime later this year.

Lenovo mixed reality

What do you guys think of the new Windows Mixed Reality headsets?