Windows Store

Microsoft may finally be ready to announce that Windows 10 devices like smartphones, tablets and PC will be able to run Android apps. The latest rumor claims that the reveal might be made this week at the company's Build 2015 developer conference in San Francisco.

This new report comes from long-time Microsoft journalist Paul Thurrott, who certainly has solid sources inside the company. Microsoft has apparently considered adding Android app support in Windows 10 for some time, but if Thurrott is correct it sounds like the company has decided to pull the trigger on this feature.

Assuming this is correct, there are still a lot of questions about how Windows 10 will offer Android app support. Microsoft will almost certainly have to create its own app store for Android on Windows 10 and it could also support other third-party Android stores like Amazon's.

While Windows 10 users might benefit in the short run with Windows 10 gaining access to hundreds of thousands of new apps. However, it remains to be seen if this will affect Microsoft's own universal app strategy for native Windows 10 apps.

Windows Central will be attending Build 2015 and we will get first-hand information on Microsoft's plans for Windows 10 at the event. Stay tuned!