Microsoft has now issued a formal statement saying it "regrets any inconvenience" to the millions of legitimate website customers of the No-IP domain service as part of Microsoft's plans to shut down two criminal botnets last week.

As part of Microsoft's ongoing campaign against cybercriminals, the company got a court order to redirect traffic on targeted domains hosted by the Nevada-based No-IP to stop online activity generated by the NJrat and Jenxcus botnets.

Unfortunately, those efforts also shut down millions of No-IP's non-criminal website customers, due to a technical error. Today, Microsoft and No-IP's parent company, Vitalwerks, announced a settlement has been reached between the two companies.

In its new statement, Microsoft said that it was "confident" Vitalwerks was unaware that subdomains managed by No-IP were being used by the criminal botnets that Microsoft targeted last week. The statement added:

Microsoft identified malware that had escaped Vitalwerks' detection. Upon notification and review of the evidence, Vitalwerks took immediate corrective action allowing Microsoft to identify victims of this malware. The parties have agreed to permanently disable Vitalwerks subdomains used to control the malware. In the process of redirecting traffic to its servers for malware detection, Microsoft acknowledges that a number of Vitalwerks customers were impacted by service outages as a result of a technical error. Microsoft regrets any inconvenience these customers may have experienced.

What do you think of this attempt at a apology by Microsoft?

Source: Microsoft