The good old days of NES, gaming at its prime – retro style. Throughout the technological advancement, emulators have always been developed to allow older generation games to be played on newer hardware and software. An emulator has been developed (open source) by Matt Bettcher for the Windows Phone 7 platform, but Microsoft has advised him through contact that he will not be allowed to offer his app on the Marketplace. Apple have even allowed emulation to set sail on the App Store, so why is Microsoft blocking it?

There are - of course - legal complications surrounding ROMs and emulators alike, but that may not be the full reason as to why the huge corporation has set up a retro-gaming blockade. The WP7 has one feature that other platforms do not have to offer, Xbox Live. Having emulation (offered on the Marketplace for free) available on your mobile could possibly cause a negative impact on sales of Xbox Live titles and other games from developers.

Support from the mobile community has been called for and if you truly wish to see a NES emulator hit the Marketplace, you can head on over to the vidoe showcasing the emulator and get in touch. He has also set up a CodePlex project up for the emulator, which can be found here.

Source: NES EMU 7; via: WMPoweruser